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Sample pretreatment


Our FIA system serves the purpose of automated photometric determination of ions in aqueous solutions, food extracts and soil eluates. Based on standardized determination methods, it was developed for use in laboratories for water and environmental analysis. The technology of flow injection analysis (FIA) enables accurate sample examination with short analysis and start-up times.



Device control / evaluation





  • Compact design
  • Easy handling
  • Low maintenance
  • Customer-specific system configuration
  • Standardized determination methods
  • Short start-up and analysis times
  • Excellent reproducibility of the results
  • Water analysis (drinking and surface water, wastewater, sea water)
  • Environmental analysis (soil and plant eluates)
  • Food analysis (beverages, food eluates)
  • Research
  • 8-Port-injection valve with 2 sample loops
  • Peristaltic pumps (6-channel, step motor controlled)
  • Photometer for 10 and 50 mm cuvettes
  • Wavelength range:  400 … 950 nm
  • Selection of wavelength by replaceable interference filter
  • Integrated digestion unit consisting of UV and thermal reactors (if necessary)
  • Can be coupled with other FIA Nexus devices for multi-channel system
  • FIA system controlled by software FIAStudio


More details on specifications


All FIA samplers are equipped with a peristaltic pump, which is used to automatically feed the samples to the FIA ​​Nexus analysis device. They also have a mixing position, which, in combination with a dosing device, enables automated sample dilution.


There are two models of FIA samplers (PS 61F and PS 62F) with different sample trays.

  • PS 61F

    The autosampler PS 61F is suitable for smaller numbers of samples. The device is equipped with an additional stirring function, which enables a homogenization of the samples on the middle and outer tracks of the sample tray shortly before and during sampling.


    The following tray types are available:

    • 89 positions for 6 ml vials
    • 53 positions for 16 ml vials
    • 36 positions for 30 ml vials
  • PS 62F

    The autosampler PS 62F is suitable for a high volume of samples. In contrast to autosampler PS 61F this device does not have a stirring function.


    Folgende Tellervarianten stehen zur Verfügung:

    • 117 positions for 12 ml vials
    • 108 positions for 15 ml vials
    • 58 positions for 30 ml vials
    • 46 positions for 50 ml vials

In addition, the FIA samplers can also be used as a stand-alone automated sample pre-treatment system (SamplePrep) when combined with a dosing unit.

  • SamplePrep

    The sample pre-treatment system SamplePrep consists of an autosampler combined with a dosing unit and is controlled by the EasyPrep software. The system can be used for automated sample pre-treatment (dilution / spiking) as well as for the preparation of calibration standards for the daily lab routine.

    The software EasyPrep offers the following features:

    • Automated (pre)dilution of sample series or individual samples
    • Preparation of single or mixed standards from stock solutions
    • Single or multi-stage dilution
    • Spiking of samples


    More details on SamplePrep.

FIA Nexus




The basic device is equipped with a 6-channel peristaltic pump. For the implementation of complex methods with digestion or enrichment, a second peristaltic pump and digestion components can be integrated. These components can also be retrofitted.

Method units

An alteration / adjustment of the methods as well as the development of new methods is easily done due to the simple handling of the software.


Furthermore, at customer’s request, we can also check the adaptation of existing methods from old devices from other manufacturers (e.g. Foss, Lachat) and, where appropriate, implement them for our system.

Here are more details on two of the most requested method units:

  • Universal method unit

    The Universal method unit enables the determination of the basic parameters nitrate, nitrite, ammonium and orthophosphate. These parameters can be determined one after the other without changing the system. The change between the parameters to be measured can be done quickly and easily by switching valves located on the method unit.

    The Universal method unit is particularly recommended for laboratories with low sample throughput.

    • Measurement ranges

      Measurement ranges of the individual parameters:

      Ammonium:           0,1    …    50 mg/l NH4-N    DIN EN ISO 11732

                                  0,02    …    20 mg/l NH4-N    (wide range cell)

      Nitrate:                0,02    …    15 mg/l NO3-N    DIN EN ISO 13395

      Nitrite:                 0,01    …    10 mg/l NO2-N    DIN EN ISO 13395

      Orthophosphate: 0,02     …   20 mg/l PO4-P      DIN EN ISO 15681


      By integrating a digestion unit consisting of an UV and thermal reactor, the method unit can also be used for the determination of total nitrogen (TN).


      Measurement range:

      Total nitrogen:  0,05 … 20 mg/l TN

  • Cyanid analyzer

    For the determination of cyanide, the FIA Nexus device is equipped with an additional second peristaltic pump and a digestion unit for the selective release of cyanide from metal complexes according to the flow injection method DIN EN ISO 14403-1, which describes the pyridine-free determination of free and total cyanide. Gas diffusion of the released cyanide in a membrane cell eliminates possible interferences caused by the sample matrix.

    • Measurement ranges

      Measurement ranges:

      Free cyanide: 0.001 … 1  mg/l FCN

      Total cyanide:  0.001 … 1  mg/l TCN


      By adjusting the enrichment time and the channel depth of the gas diffusion cell, the measurement range can be adjusted to customer requirements.



The system is set up with the software that allows for the creation of methods, special procedures and analysis routines. It organizes the automated start-up of the individual channels, series management and shutdown of the system.


Furthermore, the autosampler with dosing unit is managed and controlled as well as the assignment of standards, control samples and samples to the sample tray is recorded.


Further features are:

  • Data acquisition from the individual measurement channels
  • Presentation and evaluation of the measurement data
  • Creation of result protocols of measurement series
  • Data export and data archiving

The software modules


  • FIAStudio sample preparation for sample pre-dilution and standard preparation


  • FIAStudio PeakInspector as a quality assurance module for checking the measurements


  • FIAStudio rights management to manage and ensure user rights


can be optionally integrated.


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  • PS 61F
  • PS 62F
  • SamplePrep

  • Universal method unit

    • Measurement ranges

  • Cyanid analyzer

    • Measurement ranges

  • PS 61F
  • PS 62F
  • SamplePrep

  • PS 61F
  • PS 62F
  • SamplePrep


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  • PS 61F
  • PS 62F
  • SamplePrep

  • PS 61F
  • PS 62F
  • SamplePrep